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Brothers poster


In life of two brothers everything develops differently. The senior, Sam – the good athlete able to organize the life that costs much because, despite average abilities, he achieves in success life: becomes the military, gets the beautiful wife and dear children. Younger, Tommie, on the contrary, showing promises in the childhood and youth becomes a loser and is in continuous search of the place in life. Everything changes when Sam makes the decision to go on war.

He asks the younger brother to become a family support for the period of his absence and when the dead note comes, Tommie decides to satisfy this request. He tries on on himself new life of the respectable citizen and understands that it and is that that he so long looked for. But when it appears that Sam is living and all this time was in captivity, and now returned and registered as the national hero, everything becomes complicated. Sam returned absolutely other person, and in the life he would like to forget a lot of things.

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