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How to Train Your Dragon poster

How to Train Your Dragon

Vikings are different from any other people not only severe appearance and fighting glory. There is at them also other feature: their islands on which those cultivate the land and part cattle, dragons chose as the hunting grounds. There is a lot of species of different dragons, and ways of fight against them – too. Young Vikings comprehend science of hunting for dragons at special school. The Viking – son of the local leader who very much wants to become the famous dragons hunter, but is too weak for this purpose.

He decides "to take with intelligence" and designs the weapon to which anybody, except him, doesn't belong seriously. However attempts of Viking to battle to a dragon bear fruits: one of them was hit and fell in the next thickets. The Viking moves off in searches of a wounded dragon, but having met it, understands that representations of Vikings about dragons strongly differ from reality. Over time the boy and a dragon become true friends, and all settlement of Vikings learns a lot of new about the neighbours.

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