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Hugo poster


The boy by the name of Hugo Kabre lost the father in the early childhood. The father was the mysterious person therefore the boy hoping to meet possible expectations, seeks to solve each rebus and to understand the dead as it is possible better. For memory of the parent Hugo there was a surprising robot on which they together worked and which was repaired successfully. Wasn't enough for the robot only of one detail: a key by means of which it would be possible to start the difficult mechanism.

After Hugo got acquainted with the owner of a small bench who is engaged in repair of the most different bagatelles adventures began. The owner by the name of Georges Melyez saw at Hugo a notebook with drawings and schemes and selected him and when the boy came to it to return a notebook, to it the girl Isabel – Hugo's coeval who expressed almost at once desire to help it with disclosure of the numerous secrets left by the boy's father met. Having started working for Melyez , Hugo every day comes nearer everything closer to a solution of the main secret.

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