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Brave poster


The movie begins with Merida, who is the Young princess in the medieval Scottland. She is the princess of a clan Dunbroch. On her birthday, she is gifted a bow and arrow by her father. Later, the entire family is attacked by a demon like bear named Mor’du. The father loses his left leg in the fight with the bear. After ten years, Merida is a beautiful and free minded woman.

She is unhappy with the fact that she has to be engaged with one of the sons of his father’s friend. On the day of competition between the sons, for Merida’s hand, the princess changes the rules and she competes with them in the archery contest. She defeats the sons and refuses to marry anyone. She encounters a witch and takes the cake given by the Witch. She gives the cake to her mother as a result of which, her mother turns into a bear. Now, she has to repent her mistakes in order to save her mother.

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