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Argo poster


The movie is set in the year 1976, where the Iranian revolution reaches to such an extent where the Iranian activists storm into the United States Embassy in Tehran by taking 52 American hostages, but in between this life threatening situation, six Americans manage to save themselves. They rescue from that situation and they hide in the house of a Canadian ambassador. Nobody knows about the six escapees as their location is kept secret.

The U.S state department assigns the work of finding the six Americans and bringing them back to their country safely to an exfiltration specialist of U.S central intelligence agency named Tony Mendez. Tony first doesn’t show any interest in this work and also criticize the work. But he is left with no other choice and he thinks of some plan. He finally comes with a great plan and writes a cover story saying that the escapees are the filmmakers from Canada and they are moving to different places for making a science fiction movie.

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