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Oblivion poster


This is sci-fi movie taking place in the future time of 2077. We see a devastated earth by extraterrestrial aliens named Scavs. All human beings are now reloated to Titan –saturn’s moon in a large space ship. Jack is stationed at tower 49 along with his lover cum team member Victoria on earth. They are on the duty to protect the generators from aliens.

Even after memory cleaning Jack keeps on getting visions of war and see an unknown woman. Jack finds the place where a spacecraft named Odyssey has crashed before the pre-invasion period. To his surprise he could find some humans in hibernation inside the chambers of the spacecraft. One of the chambers contain Julia whom Jack has seen in his visions. Before Jack can do anything a drone starts destroying all the chambers. Jack can save Julia alone. They both try to find the flight recorder but get caught by Scavs.

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