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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes poster

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

ALZ-113 virus has been creating a pandemic all over the world for last ten years. The alias for this disease is Simian Flu. This virus has completely vanished entire civilization all over the world. around 99 percent of human population has been died due to the attack of this virus. On the other hand Apes have developed their intelligence coming from previous generations and now have started creating their own new civilization on the earth.

The film then shows us few human beings who have survived this virus attack near San Francisco. Caesar is the leader of ape colony in Muir Woods. Hi son Blue Eyes and friend Ash see a man with name Carver in the forest when they are walking around. Carver get frightened to see apes and starts shooting at them. Ash gets injured in this shooting. Carver is a member of a human group with a leader- Malcolm. He comes to rescue Carver and Blue Eyes also calls for help.

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