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The Choice poster

The Choice

The movie begins with a man named Travis Shaw, who is never serious about love, he is a ladies man and thinks that a serious relationship would ruin his easygoing and happy life. But he falls in love with a girl named Gabby, who is a medical student and she has come to live in the house next door. Gabby is in a relationship with Ryan, who is a doctor, but he is out of the station due to some work.

Gabby and Travis spend a lot of time together, they grow close to each other and begins a relationship. When Ryan returns and wishes to settle down with Gabby, the girl has to make a choice between the two. She finally realizes that she loves Travis, she gets back with him and they marry. But unfortunately, One day Gabby meets with an accident and lands into a Coma and this tragic incident shatters their life.

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