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The Brothers Grimsby poster

The Brothers Grimsby

The movie is about the two brothers in Grimsby who have been separated 28 years ago. The two brothers are Nobby and Sebastian. Nobby is an alcoholic and lives with his wife and 11 children in Grimsby. Sebastian has become successful in life and he is one the top MI6’s agents. Sebastian is on a mission and he needs to go to Worldcure, hosted by Rhonda George who is a philanthropist. Sebastian finds out that Rhonda is the target and is going to be attacked at the Worldcure.

On the other hand, Nobby learns that his brother Sebastian will be there at Worldcure and so, he decides to go there and reunite with his brother. In the event, Sebastian recognizes the hitman, who is aiming to shoot George with his gun disguised as a camera. The moment Sebastian aims to shoot the gun, Nobby sees him and hugs him happily. Sebastian is landed into trouble when the shot hits a Jewish boy with AIDS.

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