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Damian Hale is a big name in business circle and he is supposed to be a ”master of his own universe”. One day Damian is tested positive for cancer. The disease is at the last stage and there is no chance of him to survive. While lying on the deathbed, he finds a card with name and contact for Prof. Albright- who is researcher in medical field. Prof. Albright tells him about a process by which they can transfer the consciousness of one person into another healthy body. The process is termed as Shedding.

Domain does not want to die that soon and wish to try the process on himself. Albright starts his process and transfer the consciousness of Damian into another body. He then gives some medicines to remove the problem of hallucinations which are known side effects of the shedding process. Now Damian has got another life and is staying in New Orleans with a name Edward Kidner.

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