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2 Guns poster

2 Guns

Robert and Michael are criminals caught by US border patrol and are being questioned. They have just met drug dealer Papi from Mexico and following his orders. Robert is DEA agent who is undercover but his colleague Michael doesn’t know this. Robert is reporting to Jessup and he tell that he could not get any cocaine from Papi as strong evidence.

Jessup then orders Robert to abort the mission and come back. But Robert is waiting for another opportunity where Michael is going to rob Papi for 3million dollars where he can catch Papi in the case of money laundering. Michael is also an specialist from Navy SEAL who is also working undercover. His officer orders him to kill Robert and get all the money to him and they will use it for conducting covert operations which are not legal. Robert and Michael receive money but find that they are more than 3 million dollars.

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