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In the Centre of the story, narrated by the authors of the film "Braven" is Joe Braven, a forester living in the wilderness. He leads a solitary life with his family. Joe does not bother anyone, but in case of danger is ready to fend for themselves. In the meantime, he and his family live in peace together with wild forest animals.

The situation changes at a time when nearby a team of drug traffickers, fugitives. They know that the police are searching for them in nearby towns and on the road, so they are left with nothing but to wait it out a few days in dense forests. And by accident, they find the House Joe. Without thinking twice, the criminals decide to wait here until the police wont let go. That's just Joe is not going to sit and wait when they leave. It's not going to sacrifice their freedom and home. Joe plans to fight with criminals. Drug traffickers themselves and have no clue that they should not be afraid of wild beasts, and Forester.

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