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The Man from Nowhere poster

The Man from Nowhere

In the center of the plot of the film "The Man from Nowhere" is Cha Tae Insurer that has its own pawn shop, located in one of the most peaceful areas of the city. He leads a quiet and inconspicuous life never gets involved in the conflict, and its only connection to the world-from MI, little girl living next door. Her mother is dancing in a club, which belongs to a local criminal gang whose members earn smuggling drugs and selling human organs. Wanting a better life for himself and his daughter, the mother With Mi decides to Rob a drug courier, working in the same institution.

After a successful robbery she lays in Lombard Cha Tae bag hiding inside her stolen drugs. After an influential boss of the gang learns about the theft, he immediately orders one of his loyal subordinates to return goods. Soon recognized and the whereabouts of drugs.

Once in place, criminals learn that attempts of physical violence will not give any result but blackmail can act. And now they want to use it as a courier. See the movie "the man from nowhere" online on our site and you'll learn what this film with a story.

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