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Borg vs McEnroe poster

Borg vs McEnroe

The authors of the sports drama "Borg vs McEnroe" offers us the story of one of the most amazing, famous and intense matches in the history of tennis. In the center of the stories are, John Patrick McEnroe Jr. and born Borg, two players with the status of the stars of world scale and ready to battle for the title of best. At the time of the beginning of the confrontation between the two managed to win many prestigious tournaments. Each managed to put not one record and become the owner of titles, the dream all professional players in tennis.

The action begins to develop during the Wimbledon tournament in 1980 year. Competition law becomes one of the most stressful. The sites are going to the top players from all over the world. But especially from them are irascible American John Mcenroe, constant prerekajushhijsja with the judges and provoking others and incredibly unflappable Swede Bjorn Borg, possessing a calm character and an amazing ability to keep patience in all situations. They are destined to meet in the final.

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