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Sleepless poster


In the center of a plot of the movie "Sleepless" there is a skilled and authoritative police officer. During the next operation he crosses the road to dangerous criminals who don't love losses and never forgive those who even tries to do much harm to their business. But the main character perfectly knows that life of the police officer not only is difficult, but also is dangerous. However it didn't consider that fact that its activity can threaten not only his own life, but also lives of all relatives and native.

Quite so gangsters are come into the view by the son of the main character. Criminals kidnap the child and demand to fulfills all their requirements implicitly. If he refuses or won't be able to make that is required, his son will suffer. The forthcoming can become not only the longest, but also the last in his life. Whether it will turn out at it for only one night to perform almost impracticable task for one night?

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