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We all love a romantic story with a happy ending. Absolutely everything, including producers, is well aware of. That is why each year consistently overlook the colourful kinoalmanahi about love in its different manifestations. Hollywood followed this good habit adopted and European Studios. Romantic picture "Kaleidoscope of love", which you can view online, withdrew the Brazilian Director Fernando Mejrellish, famous caused unprecedented resonance drama "city of God".

As usual, in the tape involved a whole ensemble of popular actors from different countries. Here stars Jude Law, Rachel Vines and even our compatriot Vladimir Vdovichenkov. Like any classic Anthology Film is a set of several stories from the lives of different people. But eventually all locks in a complete circle, zavertevshis in the Kaleidoscope of feelings and passions. Fascinating, touching and penetrating into the heart of the story will carry you around the world, from Germany to Brazil and the United States, because love has no boundaries.

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