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Spring Breakers poster

Spring Breakers

Each person spends time as he likes. Someone who likes to travel, someone read a book lying on the couch, someone to play computer games, and someone who likes to visit noisy parties, lots of drink and dance until the morning. It is about dancing, drinking and merriment dream four girlfriends students during the summer vacation. Best friends: Faith, Candy, Brit and Cottey are friends since high school. Tired of studying and gray University of everyday life in a stuffy dormitory, the girls are sent to the resort town to break away to the fullest and forever remember open holidays.

However, for a fun-filled vacation need money. Not long thinking girlfriend decide to earn some money by agreeing to offer steep leading parties Jejliena, who promised the girls not only money, but also an excellent adventure. And he's not lied. Only the boy turned out to be a drug dealer and a dangerous type, with very dangerous contacts in the criminal world.

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