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Foxcatcher poster


Mark Schultz is quite famous and successful athlete, in his time, won gold medal in wrestling. He lives an ordinary, non-notable life, while preparing for the upcoming tournaments. Mark has a brother Dave, whom they train hard. Despite the fact that Marc has won several honorary medals, he still remains less well known than his legendary brother who also struggles professionally.

But the main character a chance to change everything, it communicates a famous millionaire John Dupont, which offers man excellent conditions for the preparations for the forthcoming Olympic Games, the same Mark will receive a considerable salary for every workout. But John has one condition, an athlete must live and train at his villa, which will be refitted for training. Mark could not refuse such a bidder, because he really wants to win the forthcoming Championships and for all prove that it's not worse than his brother. But what are the objectives pursues millionaire, and tragedy eventually will become the whole story?

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