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The Program poster

The Program

The events of the biographical drama "The Program" starts in the year 1993 in France. 22-year-old American cyclist Lance Armstrong won in the United States a bunch of races and came to France to take part in the world's most prestigious cycling race tour de France. But cocky guy faced with a much more resilient and experienced competitors, which occupy the first place. Familiarity with Dr. Ferrari gives Ljejnsu new cooperation and a chance to become a champion.

Dr. Ferrari is developing a special sports program for Armstrong, which allows an athlete to train better and win various competitions. Ljensu manages to not just win the World Championship, but just seven times to become the winner of the tour de France. However, such an incredible success is of great interest to the athlete and journalist David Walsh begins to suspect Armstrong used banned drugs that induces it to initiate an investigation, which will forever change the lives of cyclists.

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