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Cult of Chucky poster

Cult of Chucky

The film tells about a girl Nicki Pearce. Four years ago she was in a psychiatric hospital for insane criminals on charges of the murder of his own family. She claimed that her family was killed by sinister doll Chucky, but police did not believe in the words of a girl and felt (e) crazy. While Nicky was in hospital, she convinced herself that no dolls and murder committed herself. For four years, psychiatrists have tried too and good job of heroine every time telling her that mad. A doll was only in her imagination. The girl was all despaired.

Her doctor decides to hold a new technique. The therapy involved a conversation with "good" doll with a pretty face. As a doctor, a very effective technique.

But neither he nor Nicki did not expect to start chaos. Once in the hospital appeared doll, immediately began dying patients. Creepy death overtook everyone who was in the hospital. Chucky is back. Sometime in this doll moved spiteful soul geek-killer Ray, who was obsessed with various occult sciences and witchcraft Voodoo. Now regenerated the doll, he began killing again.

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