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Get Shorty poster

Get Shorty

Plot criminal comedy "Get Shorty" loan shark from Miami Chile Palmer deals with withdrawal of money from debtors, and does so using different methods and tricks, that's enough fantasy. By taking up another job, Chile is sent to Los Angeles to knock out debt from filmmaker Harry Simma having recused himself, who owes money to the owner of a large Casino and part-time criminal authority of Dick Allen. However, Chile came to Hollywood, Palmer decides to withdraw its own film, certainly not without the help of Harry.

His idea like producer, as well as a popular movie star Martin Uiru, who is ready to star in the film. But for the filming of one life story with steep infighting is not enough, we need investments and their Harry lost in a Las Vegas Casino. Resourceful Harry calls from Miami gangster Ray Barboni that hunt for Chile, in hope of good investing. However, Ray is only interested in the whereabouts of Chile and the upcoming revenge. Further series of events leads movie Heroes "Get Shorty" in the comical and dangerous, but very funny situation.

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