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In the center of the plot of crime thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh "Traffic" — a few stories from the life of the people who were involved in a complex scheme of illegal narkotraffika. In this vicious circle not only drug addicts and traffickers, but also an influential politician, corrupt police, anti-drug agents and even an ordinary housewife. Mexican police make every effort to combat drugs in his country. The drug kingpin's wife tries to protect her husband and at the e time to understand how to live.

A respected man and senior official Robert Wakefield starts to fight against drug barons, out-migration of the muck from Mexico, but with horror discovers that his own daughter is a drug addict. However, the mechanism is already running into and hide the secret will fail, which means universal scandal and collapse of the career. But Robert does not know yet that it expects something much worse that its down to the very bottom.

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