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Message from the King poster

Message from the King

Thriller thriller "Message from the King" tells his audience about being so strong and desired sometimes revenge. Especially if it's a blood feud for a brother or sister. When unjust murder or innocent people punished, his relatives, those who really was not indifferent to its fate, look at it totally differently.

All events in their eyes is exaggerated, because pain and resentment for unjust events dimmed their mind. And in this action-packed history. Young beautiful girl is killed. It seemed, she doesn't have anyone. But suddenly appears her brother. He comes from the Southern African region, in an effort to find those people who were directly implicated in the death of his sister. He wants revenge. And what is this revenge, remains anyone's guess. One thing is clear, if it finds the culprits of the incident, they would not be spared.

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