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The Phantom of the Opera poster

The Phantom of the Opera

Action musical film the The Phantom of the Opera occur at the end of the 19th century in Paris. In the Opera Theatre Popjuler "isn't that strange things, one accident happens for other actors, scared, and what is happening is connected with the legend of the Phantom of the Opera. Primadonna of the theatre Carlotta refuses to work in such terrible conditions and owners of the theater replaces her unknown young horistkoj Christina Daye. Statement runs great and young Christina conquered the audience with his voice, because her singing taught mysterious but brilliant teacher, whom she called "Angel of music".

She now becomes the new star of the Opera. The Phantom of the Opera is in love with his student and require the owners of the theater make Prima Donna Christina. He does not stop not before and soon begin to die people. Scared Cristina no longer enthusiastic about his teacher, she is afraid of him and asks for protection from her lover Raoul Viscount. Learn about novel Raoul and Christine Ghost loses his head, rage and jealousy cloud his mind, he declares war in love ...

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