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I, Robot poster

I, Robot

Fantastic detective thriller "I, Robot" takes the Viewer to the year 2035, where created robots are an integral part of people's lives, as well as their assistants. But not all people share a liking for robots, one of them a police detective Cases Spooner distrusts robots and artificial intelligence to get nervous. His fears are confirmed when killing design engineer Alfred Ljenninga, who worked in the Corporation for the manufacture of robots.

The murder was first suspected robot NS5 named Sonny, who is in police custody. Investigating detective trying to deal with a mysterious robot Sonny, which significantly differs from other robots, he is more NS4 class is perfect, as well as not fulfilling the three laws of robotics. Killed Dr. Lanning conducted his experiments with Sunny, trying to make it more humane and more free. So humanity is in danger, and lovely assistants not so harmless when they break the law.

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