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The Longest Yard poster

The Longest Yard

The protagonist of the film "The Longest Yard" is a professional quarterback, former National Football League player Paul Crewe had it all: a successful career, a bunch of money, Luxury House and beautiful women. However, driving under the influence of alcohol led to the Floor in a moment lost all benefits and ended up in jail. There he meets a former champion and coach Njejtom Scarborough, as well as acquires good friend nicknamed Shustrila.

Warden Hjejzen offers Semi assemble a team of prisoners and hold football match against a team of wardens in Exchange for early release. Upon learning this news, inmates are happy to agree, it's a great opportunity to take revenge on the warden-sadists. However, the wily Hjejzena their plans on the score of the game, it makes sex and blackmail his guys play the game. Now the floor is the decisive choice to do all or nothing, upholding its principles and jail or unworthy of the gift of freedom?

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