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Baby Driver poster

Baby Driver

Trying to get rich Kid much time wasted. Despite the magnificent driving skills, the poor guy could not find a job. Totally desperate, guy was capable of the most reckless acts, so the proposal properly earn from strangely dressed men caused him to suspicion. The essence of the work lies in the transport of all kinds of trivia, as well as performing errands. Often had to take a very strange type, requiring a call him boss. Days passed, months. The driver began to suspect an employer something illegal.

Unfortunately, he was right. As it turned out, the Chief crime boss, organizing bank robberies. The hero of the film "the kid on the drive" understands it, when it is connected to the case as a driver facing the task to take thugs from the crime scene, away from the police. Guy agrees, eager to earn extra income. Encountering a charming girl and falling in love, Babe decides to do away with criminals, not guessing that just like to get away from the boss he didn't succeed.

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