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To the Bone poster

To the Bone

Ellen was a nice girl, her creative talent was manifested in the ability to draw. The artist worked drawing her pictures with great inspiration. Every day new ideas came to her for her paintings. Everything was fine until one day it is not overtaken by depression. Draw is no longer wanted, just as it would not deal with other matters. It even almost stopped eating, the girl began suffering anorexia. Looking in the mirror she felt that she was fat, in fact she was so hood that skeletal bones.

Native Ellen searched every medical doctors, psychologists, to save her from this scourge. Soon there was one doctor, which is a non-traditional methods of treatment. His method was an integrated approach to a patient he treated simultaneously, the psyche and the body. Skinny girl every day gave infusions of herbs, followed her mood improved with each passing day, the depression moved away. He also conducted the interview sessions, for her psychological equilibrium.

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