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The Good Shepherd poster

The Good Shepherd

Action drama thriller "The Good Shepherd" starts way back in 1939, the year when a prosperous, purposeful and full of ideals of Yale University student Edward Wilson enters a secret society called "skull and bones". About this secret Brotherhood of legends, but still it existed. After passing through the dedication of Edward becomes a full member of society that United future political elite of the country.

After finishing University Edward gets a job at the London Office of strategic Services Division of the United States, marries the charming girl Margaret Russell, and later becoming one of the founders of the CIA. Being a Central Intelligence Agency agent, a person must live a lie, and lie becomes his real life. Edward's life was filled with mysteries and secrets, plunging into work with the head it is not noticed as his son grew up, as he walked in his footsteps by joining the secret society "skull and bones", causing a lot of problems, as well as leading to betrayal.

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