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Stranger Than Fiction poster

Stranger Than Fiction

The protagonist of the drama movie "Stranger Than Fiction" is a normal, unremarkable tax accountant Harold Crick lived boring and monotonous life. He is alone, he has no family nor a life partner. He gets up every day and go to bed at the same time, his day is always scheduled, systematized and quantified actions and even brushing your teeth is considered to be terminated after a certain amount of movement of a toothbrush.

Once, in a totally normal morning Harold observes an unusual phenomenon: some female voice narrated all his actions. Realizing that it's not normal, concerned about Harold turn to an experienced psychiatrist. At the same time, the talented writer Karen Jejfell experiencing a creative crisis: she doesn't know how to kill your character Harold Crick. That's just the life of Harold is real and he doesn't want to die, because only now his ordinariness has become radically change.

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