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Poseidon poster


On the eve of new year celebrations, many people go to a posh cruise ship Poseidon, but meet fun new year tourists was not given. The liner is in distress in the Atlantic Ocean after it covered a huge rogue wave. Professional card player Dylan John is not going to wait for help from anyone, it does not meet the requirements of the captain of the liner stay in the main concert hall, and attempt to find a way to salvation.

For a strong guy a few desperate people: Robert Ramsey follows him to find his missing daughter Jennifer, Maggie with a nine-year son Conor, as well as fiance Jennifer Christian. Making his way to wreck a bygone luxury company replenishes the mysterious girl, travelling without a ticket, restaurant waiter and older gay. Inverted Poseidon is increasingly filled with water, which means the chances of survival diminish rapidly. This company people have to go through many trials to survive, because time is against them.

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