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Paranormal Activity poster

Paranormal Activity

Mystical thriller "Paranormal Activity" filmed in psevdodokumental'nom style and tells about the unknown night visitors to the home of a young couple. MICAH and Katie moved into a new house in the suburbs of San Diego, California. At night the couple hears strange noises in the House, which can be heard for several consecutive weeks. This is seriously alarmed by the young people and then Katie confesses that her with childhood haunts some Ghost and maybe he is now together with them in the House.

To verify the presence of otherworldly spirit, Mika buys a video camera that records everything that happens at night in the bedroom of the couple. In addition to someone's steps on video nothing more, then Katie and Micah are invited a psychic, but he claims that paranormal activity in a House is the tricks of the evil demon and help spouses can demonologist. But Mika resolves itself around the deal and continues to include camera every night. With the advent of each following night that occurs in the House is getting scarier and scarier ...

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