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Mr. Brooks poster

Mr. Brooks

Earl Brooks is the embodiment of American virtues. He is an exemplary family man and successful businessman, his money to charitable funds. He is a respected member of society, to which residents of Portland award the honorary title of "man of the year". but none clue that behind the mask a prosperous and respectable hero of the film "who are you, Mr. Brooks" hides the face of a demon, a serial killer who cannot resist their bloodthirsty instincts. For a long time, Brooks struggling with his dark side, visiting anonymous meeting, and for two years he manages to cope with the irresistible desire to kill people. But after the banquet, arranged on the occasion of his Awards, a respectable resident of Portland again goes to a horrible crime. The killing brings him great pleasure, and he is no longer able to resist their bloody hobby, without which it could not exist. Brooks once again goes to "night hunt".

It becomes a pair of lovers, whom he kills straight into their bed. But a serial killer for the first time commits a "puncture", forgetting to close the apartment window curtains. By chance witnessed the murder becomes a curious photographer Marshall, which has its favorite pastime is spying for other people's Windows. Making the horrifying images, strange photographer starts blackmailing the murderer. But the Minsk Airport are not interested in money. He wants to be present at the murders, to understand how it is killing people?

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