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WALL·E poster


In the future the Earth exhausted and abandoned people. They sat in a huge spaceship and flew away from the planet, leaving behind a lifeless desert. On Earth, leaving only the cleaner robot wall-e, which deconstructs diligently day after day and recycles the remaining after mankind trash. Once he finds the green sprout and starts to care about him, and soon everyone is changing beyond recognition. People remembered about their homeland and decided to check whether the Ground lifeless.

They sent a Scout robot Eve, which was to gather information and to report to the people about the results. Modern descendants of people inactive and who indulge in hedonism, already seven years wander through space and not averse to setting foot on solid ground. Eva, finding life on Earth, returns, but wall-e and goes for it. This little robot, hundreds of years worked alone, no longer wants to stay one and wants to meet again with Eva, which is unlike him.

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