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The Road poster

The Road

As a result of global cataclysms on Earth killed not only the civilization of a people, but almost all living organisms. Food is not left, unless you count canned ... and other people. In a dying world travel father and his little son, who are looking for canned and are struggling to avoid death from natural disasters and the hands of cannibals. Numerous obstacles in their path, and it seems that sometimes it is impossible to overcome them. Father and son are captured by Cannibals, escape from there and find the bunker full of edibles and necessities.

They are illness, clashes with cannibals, cold days and nights, as well as theft and wandering in the extinct cities. That will be the end of the path and whether father and son survive? In a world where humanity is dying and there is no hope for salvation, they are from past forces hold for each other, sharing the sorrows in half. Whether left on earth not only people, but also humanity? A long trip will give the answer to this question.

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