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The Princess and the Frog poster

The Princess and the Frog

Waitress Tiana-cute dark-skinned waitress living in the New Orleans French quarter. As a child she wanted to be a Princess, but instead to hunt for princes, Tiana grew out of childhood dreams and decided to work hard to achieve success in life and open his own restaurant. During the masquerade Tiana dresses in luxurious princess dress and absolutely unexpectedly confronted with strange speaking frog.

Frog claims that it is Prince Naveen, who turned in the amphibian Doctor Fasil'e-wicked Warlock of Voodoo. Naveen, seeking to regain his human form, requests Tianu kiss him and she is generous. Who would have thought that kiss the Princess not only false will not save Joshua, but also will bring him and his new friend to new problems? Anyway, after kissing the Prince, Tiana herself is transformed into a frog and now they both are looking for a way to return to a normal life.

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